Department of Advanced Energy Engineering Science
Fundamental Plasma Physics
Associate Professor : Nobuya HAYASHImailAssistant Professor : Kenichiro TERASAKA
Plasma physics experiment (High-density plasma formation, Non-linear plasma wave, Plasma structure, Plasma promotion, Plasma application, Solar battery)
Advanced Materials Science and Engineering under Extreme Condition
Associate Professor : Kenichi HASHIZUMEmail 
Fusion materials, Plasma-wall interactions, Materials for fission reactors, Application of radiation energies, Materials science for hydrogen and solar energies, Hydrogen diffusion in solids
Energy Chemical Engineering
Professor : Satoshi FUKADAmailAssociate Professor : Kazunari KATAYAMAAssistant Professor :Makoto OYA
Fusion reactor blanket, Interaction of first wall with tritium, Tritium science and technology, Nuclear chemical engineering, Isotope separation, New energy, System design
Nuclear and Radiation Engineering Physics
Professor :Yukinobu WATANABEmailAssociate Professor :Tadahiro KIN
Micro one, a nucleus, an atom scale, physics, next-generation atomic power, nuclear fusion, Kyushu University, advanced energy science-and-engineering speciality, atomic power, radiation
Advanced Space Propulsion Labratory
Professor :Naoji YAMAMOTOmailAssistant Professor :Taichi MORITA
Fusion Rocket, Electric Propulsion, System Analysis of Nuclear Electric Propulsion, Plasma diagnostics
High Energy Plasma Dynamics
Professor : Kazuaki HANADAmailAssistant Professor : Takumi ONCHI
Spherical Tokamak, Plasma start-up, Plasma physics, Heating and current drive in high temperature plasma, Magneto-Hydro-Dynamics, Investigative research on energy and environment issues
Fusion Plasma Science
Professor : Akihide FUJISAWAmail Associate Professor : Yoshihiko NAGASHIMAmail
Experimental study on waves, fluctuations and turbulence in toroidal and basic linear plasmas
Research on development of advanced plamsa diagnostics and data analysis for plasma turbulence
Fusion Plasma Engineering
Professor : Hiroshi IDEImail
High-temperature plasma experiment (Fluctuation and structural formation, Interaction between wave and particle, Interaction between plasma and gas or solid)
Plasma Simulation Physics
Associate Professor : Naohiro KASUYAmailAssistant Professor : Kazuhito OHSAWA
Fusion reactor multi-scale dynamics, Core & edge coupling plasma-wall interaction integrated transport code, BPSI
High Energy Circumstances Material Science
Professor : Shigeru INAGAKImail Associate Professor : Hideo WATANABEmail
Radiation damage mechanism of crystal structure by high-energy particles of neutron, ion and so on)
Nonlinear Plasma Dynamics
Associate Professor : Yusuke KOSUGAmail Assistant Professor : Makoto SASAKI
Plasma turbulence, Non-equilibrium, Nonlinear, Statistical physics experimental verification & validation of theory
Plasma and Material Engineering Science
Associate Professor : Kazutoshi TOKUNAGAmail Assistant Professor : Makoto HASEGAWA
Transport and the control of plasma and impurity in edge region, and plasma-wall interaction
Associate: Daiji KATOmail Professor : Kenji TANAKAmail Assistant Professor : Yuji FUKUDAmail
Dynamic behavior of materials under radiation conditions such as fusion reactors, Measurement of high-temperature magnetic-confinement plasma using Laser or microwave, Its physical application